Select lead generation services

At Select we are dedicated to deliver highly qualified sales leads.

We are a renowned lead service in six European countries including the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. Select uses unique online software selection portals and extensive marketing campaigns to identify buyers who are actively searching for software suppliers. Only leading software suppliers are represented at our websites like Microsoft, SAP,, Sage, Oracle and many more. Our highly valued service is currently available in the areas of CRM, ERP, HR and accounting software.

Over 15.000 reviews delivered.

Founded in 2004, Select has developed unique online databases to compare business software. Our expertise on business software is acknowledged by the leading software vendors in Europe. The concept has proven to be very successful. Thousands of organisations have used our websites as the starting point for businesssoftware selection. The service is appreciated for its simple set up, quick results and pay per lead business model.

Our proposition

Select will provide your company with quality leads ready to engage. Typical Select leads share the following characteristics:

  • Contact details of decision-makers.
  • Clear information on budget, decision time, requirements and number of users.
  • Pre-qualified by our experts: guarantee of quality backed up by a rigorous qualification process and refund policy.
  • You control the number of leads you receive.


Barry Chignell, Online Marketing Specialist at CIPHR: "As a long standing customer of Select we have always been impressed with both the quality of the HR leads provided and level of customer service. We would highly recommend their services and look forward to a continued relationship with them."