We founded QAD in 1979 with a vision to develop software exclusively for manufacturing companies. Many global companies choose QAD for our global manufacturing focus and multinational support. We derive over 60% of our revenue from outside the United States. Today, we are proud that our products are in use at over 5,500 manufacturers in 90 countries.

Early in our evolution, we embraced the emergence of open systems, which today form the foundation of most companies’ applications architecture. We focus on developing products that are easy to learn and intuitive to operate. We back up our products with world-class services and support. We have more than 1350 people dedicated to delivering the best user experience in the world.

As majority shareholders, we have been able to remain focused on our customers and vision without distraction through market ups and downs. We focus on providing the best combination of software and services for our customers and we have chosen to avoid the consolidation going on in the software business today. We have built a business with a customer focused culture, a strong and experienced global executive team and an impressive board of directors.

While other companies may be larger than QAD, none has our complete focus on global manufacturing companies. For the past 32 years, we have concentrated on a select set of vertical markets in manufacturing: automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, discrete products configured products, and life sciences.

We recognize the challenges faced by our customers and we bring to that challenge a combination of vision, commitment and technology to help them excel in today’s environment.